Marc Mettke


I'm offering different workshops related to 'Security by Design', 'Software Architecture', and 'Infrastructure Architecture'. Workshops like these can help your team learn how to effectively, securely, and efficiently use various services to achieve your goals. For more information, feel free to contact me at the mail address below.

All Workshops will NOT focus on a hypothetical situation, but are designed to solve an actual problem encountered in your organization.

Design a Secure AWS Environment

Length: ~6h

This workshop is about having a look at how to design a Secure AWS Environment from the ground up. As a Design Workshop, the outcome will be a design, not an implementation. However, implementing the Design may be part of another workshop.

It will cover topics like:

  • AWS Organization Design (Multi-Account)
  • Login via AWS Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • Infrastrucutre as Code (IaC)
  • Infrastructure Deployment via CI/CD
  • Central Logging / Backups

Implementing a Secure AWS Environment

Length: ~2 weeks

This workshop is the next step after 'Design a Secure AWS Environment'. It focuses on implementing the design with the outcome of having an AWS Environment which is production-ready.

It will cover topics like:

  • Supporting a team with getting the design up and running
  • Teaching how to use and maintain the Environment
  • (Optional) Supporting teams with deploying applications to the Environment