Marc Mettke

Hi, I am Marc!

I'm a freelancer working closely with the AWS Cloud Infrastructure with a specialization in the fields below. If you require one of these positions, I'm more than happy to assist you with your endeavors. The first step is to contact me at the mail address below, and we will go from there.

AWS Security Engineer

Nowadays, security is crucial. Frequently Companies are losing customer trust and exposing millions of user data in the process. By not ensuring that there are people available with the expertise and ability to enforce Best Practises and Basic Security Protection Mechanisms, services are left unprotected and vulnerable.

This especially goes for AWS, a very big and complex Cloud Provider. It requires Security Knowledge and Best Practices from the very beginning to incorporate security best practices that people adhere to.

As a Security Engineer, I can train your staff, consult with Cloud Architecture and implement mechanisms to provide a secure foundation for your services. Working towards you having to worry less about cyberthreats.

Software Architect (Rust)

I'm a Security Engineer, and I love Rust. Whether it is Frontend, Backend, Command Line Tool, or Microcontrollers. Rust is the way to go to ensure that Memory, but also other Vulnerabilities, do not exist in your applications. All of it while still being lighting fast, doing what you want it to do.

As a Software Architect, I can consult your team with how to set up and structure large codebases, support by implementing high and low-level code, and assist with reviews of unsafe code.